The Apo E Gene Diet
A Breakthrough in Changing Cholesterol, Weight, Heart and Alzheimers Using the Bodys Own Genes

By Pamela McDonald, RN

Unlike traditional, one-size-fits-all diets, the ApoE Gene Diet supports each individual’s unique genetic makeup for optimum health. Creator Pamela McDonald shows readers how to work with their own ApoE genotypes to not only lose weight, but also prevent and reverse disease.

Soul Medicine
Awakening Your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health & Energy

By Norman Shealy, MD, PhD & Dawson Church, PhD

A neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, Shealy teams up with health researcher Dawson Church to present the latest studies showing the healing effects of energy, intention and consciousness.

A New Prescription for Addiction
The Revolutionary New Treatment for Alcohol, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Prescription Drug Addiction

By Richard Gracer, MD

For the first time, a doctor has developed a treatment program especially for “hidden” addicts-people whose lives seem fine, but who are secretly driven by stress into addictive, destructive behaviors. This breakthrough program treats both hidden substance abuse problems and their underlying causes, without unnecessarily stigmatizing these otherwise highly-functioning people.

The Complete Book of Hair Loss Answers
Your Comprehensive Guide to the Latest and Best Techniques

By Peter Panagotacos, MD

Covers all the most common modern techniques in clear, non-technical language, with many drawings and photographs to illustrate hair loss conditions and surgical techniques. It looks at the many myths and misunderstandings around hair loss, and gives readers the scientific background required to intelligently select the right medication or surgery.

Death on the Learning Curve
The Making of a Surgeon

A Novel by Pierce Scranton, MD

Renowned surgeon Pierce Scranton kept a detailed diary of his internship year at a busy California teaching hospital. This book is a vivid, fictionalized memoir of that time. Through the intertwined stories of teachers, students and patients, it explores their ethical dilemmas as they face life and death. This honest account is startling and sometimes shocking—but always gripping.

The Heart of Healing
Inspired Ideas Wisdom and Comfort from Today’s Leading Voices

Contributors include Dean Ornish, Bernie Siegel, Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil & Jeanne Achterberg

Healers speak from their hearts about the most profound principles of healing they have discovered in their extraordinary journeys. Recent, cutting-edge studies, best-selling authorities, and brilliant new voices combine to make the thirty-one chapters in this anthology one of the most riveting collections of healing wisdom available.

 Personal Growth 
Dismantling Discontent
Buddha’s Way Through Darwin’s World

By Charles Fisher, PhD

Dismantling Discontent offers a provocative perspective on our existential suffering from the metaphorical viewpoints of Darwin and Buddha, synthesizing their two approaches—science and meditation, both rooted in the natural world—into a powerful union. Grounded in years of solid research and sincere practice, it clears the path to an inspired, new “middle way” for us humans to be at greater peace with our selves, each other, and the world in which we live.

Body Brilliance

Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences

By Alan Davidson

A warm, funny, encouraging, compassionate and deeply personal guide to waking the spirit fully in the body. It seeks to engage what author Alan Davidson calls the “five essential intelligences” — physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual—and develop them fully. Filled with inspiring stories, practical exercises, and gorgeous, fine-art quality illustrations.

Life on Purpose

Six Passages To An Inspired Life

By Dr. Brad Swift

Cut decades off the process of self-discovery and take a major shortcut on the road to clarifying your true purpose, says Dr. Brad Swift: Just follow the six steps, or “passages,” that he outlines—and infuse purpose into every aspect of your life.

Peak Vitality
Raising the Threshold of Abundance in Our Material, Spiritual and Emotional Lives

By Jeanne M. House, MA, Editor

What would happen if we took our upper limits of vision as a baseline, rather than a ceiling? Could we be happier, more abundant, and healthier than our wildest dreams? This anthology calls us to examine the thresholds of our thinking, feeling and experiencing—then go beyond what we believe we’re capable of.

The Bitch, The Crone, and the Harlot
Reclaiming the Magical Feminine in Midlife

By Susan Schachterle

This warm, funny, and gorgeously written book shows that midlife represents a time when women’s sexuality, wisdom, and power can come into full bloom. Schachterle describes three powerful, vibrant archetypes that guide women’s mature unfoldment, and engages the heart and the senses to offer a grand new image of the rich possibilities available to women at midlife.

The Marriage of Sex & Spirit

Relationships at the Heart of Conscious Evolution

Contributors include John Gray, Margot Anand, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Riane Eisler, and Gay Hendricks

A revolution is happening in the human experience of both spirituality and sexuality. Sex is being discovered as a gateway to spiritual opening, and spiritual seekers are discovering sex as a vital expression of divine identity. Drawing together leading teachers, leaders, writers and therapists, this powerful collection of ideas and practices can utterly transform your experience of both sexuality and spirituality.

Angels in the Wilderness
The True Story of One Woman’s Survival Against All Odds

By Amy Racina

This first-person account tells how author Amy Racina survived for four days and nights, both legs badly broken, in a remote valley in California’s Sierra mountains after a sixty-foot fall during a solo hiking trip. Battling pain, fear and exhaustion, she pulled herself along with her hands, and refused to give up. It is a celebration of a life almost snatched away, of survival against the odds.

Don’t Be Nice, Be Real

Balancing Passion for Self With Compassion for Others

By Kelly Bryson, MFT

Combines humor, radical wisdom, and new culture spirituality to teach the mechanics & spirit of Nonviolent Communication, a powerful technique that is sweeping the US. (New Edition)

The Seven Natural Laws of Love

By Deborah Anapol, PhD

A warm, simple and universal guide to the principles that are common to all loving relationships. Drawing from the stories of thousands of individuals and couples Dr. Anapol identifies the seven laws that flow naturally from the true nature of love, and shows how we can apply these to our lives.

Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child
A Practical Guide to Intimate Communication With Your Unborn or Infant Child

By Dawson Church, PhD

“When two souls—the parent’s and the child’s—both collaborate to bring out the most magnificent qualities within the child, then magic happens, and the world is changed forever. This book is an inspired and practical blueprint for conscious spiritual parenting. Sweetness, serenity and joy shine out from these pages.” —Neale Donald Walsch

Light Upon Light

5 Master Paths to Awakening The Mindful Self

By Andrew Vidich, PhD

Light Upon Light takes the lives of some of the great spiritual masters of the last millennium, from Rumi, to twentieth century saint Darshan Singh, and illuminates their inner quests. More than simply biography, Light Upon Light delves into their perceptions of the world, the innermost workings of their minds, and the life incidents that led them to enlightenment.

Audacious Aging

Eldership as a Revolutionary Endeavor

Stephanie Marohn, Editor

A new generation is evolving together through the passage of eldership. In Audacious Aging, we collect their voices, full of wisdom, fierceness, compassion and gentleness. They are the graceful and eloquent transformative agents our communities and our planet are now seeking. This book brings together voices from medicine, psychology, business, government, the media, and entertainment, to articulate a brilliant new vision of the possibilities of the second half of life.

Indigo Awakening

A Doctor’s Memoir of Forging an Authentic Life in a Turbulent World

By Dr. Janine Talty, DO

Dr. Janine Talty, today a successful osteopathic physician, as a child found herself bewildered by a world full of challenges that she could not understand. She felt isolated, unable to cope with the regular life issues that other children managed easily. Only as she grew into adulthood, painfully learning to cope with her challenges, did she realize she was an “indigo,” one of a generation of people with unusual talents and abilities, yet who rarely fit neatly into societal roles. Here, she illuminates the experience of an indigo from the inside out.

 Social Change 

Waking the Global Heart

Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love

By Anodea Judith, PhD

This book articulates a sustaining vision for the next era. It examines the archetypal threads of the human story and weaves its fibers into a new tapestry. Through 30,000 years of history, from our primal infancy to the birth of civilizations, through the sibling rivalry of countless wars to our current adolescence, Judith shows how the twists and turns of the human journey have been moving inexorably toward awakening the global heart.

Einstein’s Business

Engaging Soul, Excellence, and Collective Intelligence in the Workplace

Edited by Dawson Church, PhD

The many prominent leaders in this anthology, including Peter Senge, Riane Eisler, Ken Blanchard, Thomas Friedman, and Anita Roddick, believe that business can be the linchpin around which social transformation takes place. They celebrate Einstein’s vision of humility and fierce resolve, as we reinvent organizations.

Healing the Heart of the World

Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life & Your Planet

Edited by Dawson Church, PhD

A magnificent reconciation of the power of prayer, meditation, and spiritual practice with social and political activism, this anthology includes contributions by John Gray, Prince Charles, Jean Bolen, Caroline Myss, and many other leading inspirational leaders of our time.

Ending the Tobacco Holocaust

How Big Tobacco is Wrecking Our Health and Finances, and What We Can Do to Stop Them

By Michael Rabinoff, DO, PhD

Every three days, as many citizens die from their own smoking habit, or from exposure to second-hand smoke, as died in the Sept 11 tragedy—while hundreds of children become addicted to nicotine. Here a psychiatrist shows the health and financial suicide we commit by allowing tobacco companies to continue doing business as usual—and provides a detailed prescription for what to do about it.

Creating a Healing Society

The Impact of Human Emotional Pain and Trauma on Society and the World

By Susan Lawrence, MD

This searing personal story, and the many stories of people that Dr. Susan Lawrence has worked with, illustrate that much suffering, and many deaths, are the “delayed effects of childhood abuse.” Her warm humanity, and sensible solutions, command change.

Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves

The Power of Change Within to Change the World

Contributors include Neale Donald Walsch, the Dalai Lama, Joan Borysenko, Barry Sears

Using science and spirituality, ecology and faith, today’s leaders come together in an impassioned for seeing the health of all in our personal wellness, and our personal health in the wellness of all.